Right Riches For You – Beginning | Brussels

We’re not educated about money, how to create it and how to receive it.

This class is an invitation to create a life that truly works for you and where nothing is impossible. A life of wealth, adventures and pleasures.

What if you had undiscovered capacities with money? I’d like to show you how to access and use them.


Language: English

Translation: French


2. – 4. February 2024

Live in Brussels

Friday 6-8 pm CET

Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 4.30 pm  CET


Price: 1880 euro

Repeat price: 1316 euro (Right Riches class within 12 months)


Prerequisites: None


Anmeldung Access Consciousness



Die Zukunft fragt nach Dir. 

Die Welt fragt nach Dir. 

Jetzt ist die Zeit.

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