Is this all there is?
Is that truly what I’ve come here for?
Are you yearning for your life to change but find yourself at a loss at how to do it?
You see it behind your closed eyes, your secret dream -
the vision of a vibrant life filled with riches, travel, fun, adventures, and a thriving business.
A life where the concept of impossibility doesn't exist.

Yet, you hesitate to speak of it openly.
for fear of facing responses like "Be more grateful"
"That's just how things are."

What if I told you that you’re yearning for more was sign?
It means that whatever you desire is within your grasp.

How do I know this?
Because if it weren't possible, it wouldn't exist in your universe.
You wouldn't be capable of envisioning it.
Enters the game changing class: the Access Foundation.
Participants frequently express:
"It's like coming back into a world that I always knew existed. A world full of possibilities."
So, what is this Foundation class about?
In the Access Foundation class, you receive tools capable of changing everything—yes, everything.
Through these tools, I crafted a life surpassing even my most audacious dreams: prosperity, the partner of my dreams, a seaside existence in a stunning villa, and a flourishing business. 
Surprisingly, everything unfolded with much greater ease than I could have imagined.
Does it sound too good to be true?
Trust me, it's even better!
The Foundation class transcends the realm of traditional personal development.
It spans 3.5 days, shedding light on and transforming every aspect of your life.
It serves as the fundamental class of Access Consciousness®, providing you with tools applicable to your daily life.

We delve into topics such as money, relationships, business, and bodies, unraveling why things may not be working as you wish in these areas and how to effect change.

I'll introduce you to remarkable body processes designed to release deeply ingrained belief systems. Often, we lock perspectives into our bodies, wondering why so many aspects of our lives resist transformation. It's time to explore and go beyond your limitations.
What if you had the tools to change anything and everything?

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"Constanze is wholly present for her clients during her classes, creating spaces of possibilities, change, and transformation. She adeptly explains the utilization of various everyday tools to navigate mental blocks and break free from old family patterns in the most wonderful and practical ways. This is when genuine change unfolds, allowing individuals to become more and more in tune with themselves. A living, breathing example of her teachings, Constanze has transformed her own life using these tools. Her demeanor radiates joy and lightness, and she authentically lives what she imparts. She demonstrates how to turn the "impossible" into reality. Opting for Constanze Chiarello for personal coaching empowers individuals to delve deeper into possibilities and choose the life meant for them.

Barbara L.

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